17 Best Japanese Rice Bowl Dishes!!

An article for today is the most suitable topic for a season of appetite; tasty food in Japan. It is about Zenkoku Gotouchi Donburi Sensyuken (All Japan Local Rice Bowl Dish Championship)’, which allows those gathered to enjoy specialty rice bowl dishes from all over the country.

This event is a feature of ‘Furusato Matsuri Tokyo 2012 (Hometown Festival in Tokyo 2012)’, and is the third championship since it started. Due to a large number of applications to the championship, a preliminary contest was hastily arranged at the end of last month. The first round was held in a shopping mall, and higher-ranking dishes chosen by public vote received a ticket for the championship in January 2012.


Let us share some images from 9 dishes, which successfully passed the preliminary round~!

Shibetsu Sake 3-Dai Zuke Don (3 generations of seasoned Shibetsu salmon) from Hokkaido



Beautifully presented dish with fresh Shibetsu salmon, scallop (both seasoned with dried salmon broth) and the finest salmon roe.


Sauce Katsu Don (deep-fried breaded pork with sauce) from Nagano



A dish with a great harmony of freshly-fried soft pork and delicious homemade sauce.


Ganso Hakata Mentai Ju (Hakata original seasoned cod roe) from Fukuoka



New specialty of Hakata serves homemade seasoned cod roe wrapped with seaweed on rice covered with lavers.


Also, here is the rice bowl dish, awarded a grand prize in the last championship;

Unimeshi-Don (sea urchin rice) from Hokkaido!



Homemade taste rice cooked with Rishiri Konbu seaweed and sea urchin broth ~.


It does stimulate appetite, doesn’t it? ^m^

Is there any dish you would like to try?

Personally speaking, those seafood looks very tempting…


There must be countless number of tasty foods in the world, so please let us know about the best food in your hometown.


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