What to Say to Your Children Who Doubt Santa Claus?

Being introduced Western culture, many Japanese households do the “Santa ritual”. Since Christmas is right around the corner, parents are now starting to prepare for the ritual.


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I found an interesting blog post giving some ideas what to tell to children who are starting to have doubt about Santa Claus. According to the blogger, the following list was on a parenting thread in a Japanese internet forum.


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“Each country has its own Santas. There are 6,232 Santa Clauses in Japan in the year 2001. (That’s why you see them at malls and streets.)”

“Santa knows each parent’s phone number, and contacts them to ask what their kids want by December 10.”

“Mother or father of a very bad kid can say ‘No, thank you’ to Santa.”

“Each country’s government pays ‘Santa fund’ to Santa Clause through the Norwegian Government. It is 5,000 yen per child; therefore, the upper limit on the price of your gift is 5,000 yen. (If any of your friends got expensive gift, that would be from his parents. But don’t tell him about it.)”

“There is no chimney on the recent houses, but luckily we live in an apartment with a ‘Santa Entrance,’ so he can come in even the door is locked. All apartments built after 1982 are obligated to have ‘Santa Entrance.’ The managers of the apartment that were built before 1982 have to give spare keys to Santa in advance.”




    Using the word “government,” specific date or number, sounds convincing. I think these ideas help to convince children who want a logical explanation of Santa Claus.


    Source: Crossbreed



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