Umbrella for Ad?


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Today’s topic is about unique advertising media in Japan.

What’s used for advertisement here is not a signboard, not a leaflet, but an umbrella.

This service is called ‘Tadakasa’ or free umbrella in English. First, sponsor companies will be providing umbrellas with their advertisement to affiliated stores. And those affiliated stores will be distributing the umbrellas to people in need on a rainy day. As the umbrellas will be provided with a voucher, people then will have some sort of service at the affiliated stores when they return the umbrellas to the stores. With this voucher, people will be eligible to enjoy a glass of beer or one crane game and so on, free of charge, depending on the service of the stores.


So, this triple-happiness structure works as follows; the sponsor companies can actively advertise themselves with the umbrellas; the affiliated stores may be able to increase their sales with people who require umbrellas; and those who left their umbrellas at home can borrow one from the stores. Also, with this service, people who always forget to take an umbrella with them don’t need to worry about their swelling collection of plastic umbrellas anymore!!


Good idea, isn’t it? 😉

If there is any unique advertisement in your country, we will be looking forward to hearing that.


Source: Aduer Times


This is JAPAN Style!