SHINKANSEN — Japanese Bullet Trains — Part1


Shinkansen Nozomi 500 series. Copy right CNS

Shinkansen Nozomi 500 series. Copy right CNS


A network of high speed train lines covers Japan’s main island by connecting the major cities.

The high speed trains that run on the network are called shinkansen.

Shinkansen are the core of Japanese transportation and highly efficient.

JapanStyle will introduce the attractions of shinkansen in three parts!

Part1: Types of Shinkansen

Part2: Inside of Shinkansen

Part3: Planning Shinkansen Trip

<Types of Shinkansen>

Shinkansen Lines–

Shinkansen are operated by Japan Railways Group companies (JR).

There are six main lines;
Tokaido, Sanyo, Tohoku, Jouetsu, Nagano, Kyushu

And two mini shinkansen lines,
Yamagata, Akita

–Names of Shinkansen Trains by the Lines?

Tokaido & Sanyo
Nozomi: Fastest. Stops at only the largest stations.
Hikari: Slower than Nozomi, faster than Kodama.
Kodama: Slowest. Stop at all stations

Tohoku & Yamagata & Akita
Hayate: Fastest.
Yamabiko: Second fastest.
Nasuno: Slowest.
Komachi: Only train category in Akita line
Tsubasa: Only train category in Yamagata

Toki: Faster.
Tanigawa: Slower.

Asama: Only train category in Nagano

Tsubame: Only train category in Kyushu
Sakura is coming up in Spring 2011.


Shinkansen Lines. Credit: Sekicho

Shinkansen Lines. Credit: Sekicho

Shinkansen: Nozomi 700 series. Copy right 里見 光一

Shinkansen: Nozomi 700 series. Copy right 里見 光一


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