“Snapeee” a Japan-made Photo-Sharing Social Networking Service

Today, I am going to introduce a Japan-made stylish iPhone application.

There are various photo-sharing websites (services), for example flickr, on which we can share pictures that we took. There are the pleasures of exchanging comments and making friends with people from all around the world.

As an iPhone user, I have to say that seeing pictures taken in all parts of the world in my palm regardless of time and place for free is so WONDERFUL!

I used to post pictures with an iPhone app called “Instagram,” but having heard this new social media that connects people through photos was released in Japan, I couldn’t help trying it.

The application is “Snapeee,” which is developed and provided by a Japanese company, Mind Palette Co.,Ltd..

It reached 50,000 downloads in only a week after it has released in the middle of May this year.



It functions like Instagram. It has a photo processing tool, and users can follow friends and be followed. Needless to say, users can leave comments on other users’ pictures. Users can also give positive feedbacks to pictures just like Facebook’s “Like” feature.

To give you clear idea about Snapeee, let me make another comparison between Snapeee and Instagram.

While Instagram has some color changing features, Snapeee has stamps including hearts, stars, speech balloons that the users can decorate their pictures however they want. It is similar to purikura (photo sticker booth).

So, Snapeee is full of the features that gain popularity especially among young women.


I actually downloaded and interacted with it.


Selected a photo that I was going to post, I decorated it.
A large variety of decoration tools is available.


You can insert text too.


I added a speech balloon with a word. It translates “So scared” (lol)


After processing the photo, I entered a comment
and chose a category for the picture.


The category includes cooking, outing, and pets.


Photos can be linked via such social networking services as Twitter and Facebook.


Another way to give reactions to the poster is the recommendation buttons; Great!, Cute!, Yummy! and Encore!
It is a Snapeee’s original feature because Instagram and facebook only have “Like” button.


The comment box is under a photo.


The users can see who pressed the recommendation buttons
and also comments with pictures.


After using it, I can say that “It is well made application.”

By the way, the interface in the pictures above appears in Japanese, but there is English version too. The number of non-Japanese users in Asia has been increasing rapidly.

According to the development agency, Snapeee reached higher ranks in each country’s AppStore.


No.1 in Hong Kong (4th day after the release)

No.2 in Taiwan (2nd day after the release)

No.12 in Japan (7th day after the release)

No.9 in China (8th day after the release)


If you want to “process photos like purikura to make them cute.” This is the app you want!

And please follow me on Snapeee ^_^ (Search “japan_ style” !)

Download Snapeee from here… (free)




Link: http://snape.ee/index.html


This is JAPAN Style!