Anime Girl Designed Kimchi Package “High School Girl Kimchi”

Many Japanese people love kimchi, spicy Korean pickles. We don’t make it at home like Korean people do, but many people are particular about the flavor.

So there is a variety of kimchi available in the market, even like this one called “Joshikousei Kimchi” which is “High School Girl Kimchi” in English!!!


"clapon" some rights reserved. flickr


Against pink Gingham check background, an anime girl in high school uniform sits on her haunches with holding her legs.

It is hard to tell that it is kimchi. If you see this at a kimchi shelf in a supermarket, you will go like “Hey! There’s wrong item mixed up.”

This kimchi is made by a food company in Shobara, Hiroshima prefecture, and the package was designed by a manga writer who is from the same town.

Why it is named high school girl kimchi? According to the company, the kimchi contains capsaicin and collagen, which support to make beautiful skin like high school girls.

The company also sells high school boy version kimchi. Although the packages look joke, the kimchi it self is serious as it was made with special domestic vegetables and Korean red pepper.


This is JAPAN Style!



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