Japanese Words that Sound like English


Do you learn Japanese? Or do you want to learn Japanese?

I found this blog post that might be helpful to learn Japanese words. Let me share it with you.


Japanese words


It’s titled “Foreigners talk about Japanese words that sound like English word(s),” and here are the examples.


Saikou (the highest) → Psycho

Binbou (poor) → Bimbo

Kichinto (accurately) → Kitchen toe

Ranbo (violence) → Rambo

Moshi-moshi (hello (on the phone)) → Washing machine

Dou-itashimashite (your welcome) → Don’t touch my mustache

Akan (no good) → I can’t

Itadakimasu (expression of gratitude before meals) → Eat a duck I must


There are also some Japanese spelled like English word.


Yamato (ancient name of Japan) → Tomato

Namae (name) → Name


What I found interesting in the post was that “when Japanese says ‘ee-ya’ meaning ‘no,’ it sounds ‘yeah’ in English and makes me confused.” Because the two mean totally opposite, it is surely confusing.

There must be more Japanese that sound like English, so if I found something interesting, I will share them with you!


Source: Ochayousei Jan/14/2008


This is JAPAN Style!



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