Dainties of Autumn: Matsutake Mushroom Hunting


Autumn is the season for enjoying food. In this season, we have many delicious things like chestnuts, Japanese pears, grapes, ginkgo, persimmons, new rice, and mushrooms. Above all, the matsutake mushroom is our dream food because genuine examples are  rare and very expensive!



This is a matsutake mushroom.
It looks like a normal mushroom but actually it is a very fancy kind.


In fall, many people journey to the mountains to enjoy mushroom hunting. Usually, special permission or an entrance fee is necessary. Today, we can see a man’s matsutake hunting journey in [W:Yamagata prefecture].



It is 5:00 in the morning. Still dark.


He brought a bell to avoid bears,
but there are no bears in these mountains (^^;


The slope is very steep. Be careful not to fall down!


Oh! He got one.
Matsutake mushrooms are hiding under wet bushes, and they are difficult to find.


You can see many other kinds of mushrooms on the mountain.


This looks like a matsutake mushroom, but it’s not.
You should not take any mushroom if you are not sure what kind it is.


Wow! Purple.
These look like poisonous mushrooms but actually they are edible (^^).


These look good but may be poisonous.
You’d better go hunting with someone who knows mushrooms very well.


He found another one!


The man in a blue shirt found many good matsutake mushrooms
and is being treated like a super-hero. So envious!


He found even more!
This one has grown up a little too big, but still, it must be tasty.


He got four, and his companies got three, so they have seven in all.
Good job!


What food is delicious this season in your country (^^)?


Source: Daily Portal Z


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