Wasabi Stories vol.214: “How to Find Missing Things”

coffee breakToday’s story-teller is writer Kazushi Hosaka.

I am not good with keeping my desk tidy and so is Hosaka. His story is mainly about keeping things tidy.

In Hosaka’s case, it is not only the desk but floor is covered with papers, magazines and so forth that there is no place to step in his room. He admits that he has no ability of keeping things tidy.

However, he is not one of those pack rats that you see on TV sometimes. He insists that the pack rats are reflecting their minds. But he is just untidy.

So, the main point of his story is about people who are untidy. They may say, “It looks like a real mess in here, but I know exactly where things are so please leave them alone.” But Hosaka is not one of those people. He cannot tell where things are hiding.

So if he threw things on the floor without checking carefully, he may throw necessary things. Since he is afraid of it, he cannot clean the floor. So it is a vicious cycle.


Hosaka says, “Tidying is a sort of ability. People who tidy up their desks before going home from work would say, ‘That is ridiculous! You just do not care.’ But the ability of tidying is just like the ability of having a good ear or having good reflexes. Abilities are inheritable.”


Sometimes you cannot find particular things especially when you need them.

You look for a CD, so you buy it again. You put it in a certain place to remember, then, you find the lost one in there.

Hosaka continues, “I learned something. I cannot find the thing because I am trying to find it. If I try to think that I am putting back the thing into the right place when I am looking for something, then it is easy to find things. People who cannot tidy up have a separated brain circuit for tidying things and taking things out.

Hosaka wants people to acknowledge that ability requires for tidying, just like good handwriting or being good at cooking are taken as ability LoL


Finally, Hosaka says, “I hear that commoditizing office desks is becoming popular, but having to tidy up the desk each time must feel like being bullied for untidy people. That might be the cause of creating more depressed people. I wish they do not try to provide efficient office but people-friendly office for the future!”


The NIKKEI 02/25/2010 by Kazushi Hosaka (writer)


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