Huge Mannequin Nana-chan’s Fashion Collection


At MEITETSU Department Store in Nagoya, [W:Aichi Prefecture], there is a 6 meters (20ft) tall mannequin called “Nana-chan” enjoying various kinds of fashion. (“Chan” is Japanese suffix for familiar person.)


This is current Nana-chan.


Photo by yrkiririyr



The department store first placed Nana-chan at the entrance in 1973. Since then, Nana-chan has been a landmark of the city. Because it is right next to JR Nagoya Station, people often use Nana-chan area as a meeting place.

Nana-chan’s dress is changed once a month. Last year, she wore 18 different costumes. It can be a cute dress like above picture, or a special promotion costume. You never know what she wears next!


Nana-chan in summer clothes.


Photo by yes0125


In a school costume.


Photo by みほ



Although she was born (made) in Swiss, she shows patriotic spirit to Japan.

Nana-chan in samurai costume.


Photo by seruca_seruca



In Yukata (summer kimono).


Photo by mi___z



This is Nana-chan in wedding dress. (Turning 37, does she plan to get married? LOL)


Photo by rikolokir



Holiday season is the time when she dresses fancier!


Photo by gin-chan



Last but not least. Nana-chan in a canned coffee GEORGIA lol.


Photo by mariechan86



This is JAPAN Style!



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