Want to have Japanese Washi simulated Experience on Ustream?


Do you know Japanese washi?


Unlike copy paper, it’s Japanese traditional paper hand-made one by one carefully.

Actually, many Japanese people don’t have chances to use washi daily besides using greeting cards like following picture, but for the people in art industry, it’s an important material.


washi greeting card washi greeting card


Thanks to a prominent Japanese company which deals with washi, I am going to host a washi workshop!

I’ve got permission to shoot video during the class, so it will be on YouTube and also I will challenge to broadcast live on Ustream!

Please watch Japanese washi experience with your eyes!

For the class, I invited a woman who is from a foreign country and lives in Japan.

I will shoot the video while she makes washi by following a teacher through an interpreter.

What I do is shooting with iPhone to broadcast on Ustream.


To be honest, I just registered on Ustream and downloaded the tool, so I am not sure it I can successfully broadcast.

There is a possibility that I can’t do it (LOL), but I will challenge it.


The air-date will be Saturday, May 22, 10:30 am (Japan Time). It’ll be an hour.


Will it be the day before, Friday at 9:00 pm in America?

In Europe, Saturday at 3:00 am, probably?

I will connect it to twitter but I will be too busy shooting to twit.


Ah, I shouldn’t forget to tell you the URL.



Please access to the URL at the air-time.

I can’t do it like a professional but I will try for you!



This is JAPAN Style!


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