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Wearing a beautiful wedding dress is kind of like a dream for most girls. But lately the marriageable age is getting older and older because of the social progress of women. A growing number of young women are becoming concerned because they don’t have any plans to get married in the near future (maybe even in the distant future) but still want to wear wedding dresses.

One day, Natsumi Akai, working for a travel agency located in Kyoto, devised a perfect idea for these independent women; “If you just want to wear a lovely wedding dress, why not have a wedding ceremony ALONE?” This unique concept, named Solo Wedding Service, doesn’t just mean having a photo session in a wedding dress.  It includes the all arrangements; the dresses, bouquets, hotel stays, hair & makeup, and photo shoot, just like for a real wedding ceremony. The cost of this Solo Wedding Service is about ¥300,000 (US$2,800). So far, about ten women have experienced their “solo” wedding ceremonies, and seem to be satisfied over all. A 38-year-old woman says, “I cancelled my engagement a little while ago, and wanted to take one step forward. At first I was apprehensive, but ended up enjoying the whole experience from the bottom of my heart! And above all, I got to accept myself in a very positive way. I am totally happy with Solo Wedding Services!”

I am not a type of person who is eager for a wedding dress, and actually didn’t have a ceremony or even any celebration parties when I got married. But still I understand those women’s feelings! At a glance, it might seem like solo wedding is the extreme form of women’s self-satisfaction. However, it can actually be a good opportunity to reconsider their own selves and put to rest unnecessary worries about marriage 🙂


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