Luxurious House Sharing: A new style of living in Japan

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Surprisingly or not, house-sharing is a new style of living in Japan. It has suddenly become such a popular style and also a social trend which has been largely featured in mass media too. It was first introduced, under the current recession, for the youth who do not have enough money to rent a self-contained flat. However, there has been a number of luxurious share-houses which are full of high-grade facilities for a reasonable price setting.

A house, “Share Vie Mizue” in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, offers a common music room and a gym. Although it ends at the end of this month breakfast has been provided for free so far and the tenants can socialize with their flat mates in a spacious café’ like lounge. There is also an office area which can be used for a joint business. The rents for this share-house vary between 44,000 yen (US$455) and 93,000 yen (US$960).


Another house, “Azabu Gardenia Executive” is not less facilitated than a hotel. A library and also a theatre room are equipped. Commodity goods such as shampoo, salt and pepper are replenished and if required cleaning service can be optioned too. It is located only a 4 minute walk away from Azabu Juban station but the rents are still reasonable between 98,000 and 115,000 yen. The current tenants are almost all working and some of them are lawyer, doctor or company executive.

Other houses have a yoga studio, a café’-bar lounge and so on. Each of them try to distinguish themselves by offering unique services from other similar housings.

Share-houses are becoming more popular and making progress with new services and facilities. It is also a great appeal to lean differences in values in community life!


Source: web R25


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