Easy and Quick!! How to Make Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg for Packed Lunch

heart-shaped boiled egg


Being able to make a cute bento packed lunch is one of the must techniques for mums in Japan.  The more you put efforts, the more you children and husband can proudly present their packed lunch in front of their friends and colleagues!!  It is as simple as that.

To share one of their skills with you, I would like to introduce how to make heart-shaped boiled egg!!

First of all, boil your egg, and peel it as usual.




Prepare one drink carton such as milk carton like this, and cut it like this…




Place a cling film on the carton, and place the peeled egg in the middle.



Use banding or elastic bands for the both ends to press a chopstick or bar onto the egg like this.




…and tada!!  You can have a heart-shaped boiled egg!!



So easy, isn’t it??  Please try when you make boiled eggs next time 🙂


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Source: Byokan Sunday


This is JAPAN Style!