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I assume many of you enjoy wine regularly, and if you are asked which country’s wine you usually like, what would you say?   Europe such as Italian and Spanish?  Or Austrian, South African??  Yes, all seems to be popular, but how about Japanese??  Today, I would like to write about Japanese wine!


"Norio.NAKAYAMA" some rights reserved. flickr

“Norio.NAKAYAMA” some rights reserved. flickr


Unlike other types of alcohol, there seems to be no strict regulation to define wine quality in Japan, and you often see wine produced in Japan using a full of imported ingredients being labelled and sold as home-brew wine.  Finding such situation confusing, one of major alcoholic drink producer pf Japan started promote “Japanese wine” so that wine with home grown ingredients can be clearly differentiated from others.

With a strong promotion of small new wineries in colder regions such as Hokkaido, Yamanashi, Nagano and Niigata prefectures and major alcoholic drink producing company, Japanese wine making movement started to be active almost 10 years ago.  A lot of less experienced winery had opportunities to share a tip to grow/ select suitable Japanese grape based on their experience, and now developed wine are all available with a very competitive pricing in the market!

We may have a general impression that Japanese is not wine making country as it is rather famous for sake and shochu, and history of Japanese wine has just started compared to ones with long history, but why don’t we have it a go at Japanese wine this winter?? 🙂   It may make your festive seasons even more merry and happy!


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