Just 10 Minutes and Done! Tofu Making Machine

Tofu is one of the most well-known Asian food around world, and I assume some of you have tried some before.  Today, I would like to introduce an article about tofu related product 🙂


Japanese tofu

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A character of famous Japanese gourmet cartoon says that wine and tofu shouldn’t travel a long way (he means that they are best to be eaten while still fresh.)  But tofu isn’t easy to cook at home, considering how often it is consumed in Japan.  And you cannot always find a tofu shop, which creates all lovely tofu from a scratch at their place.  So you could rarely eat while fresh…

But here we are!  We actually have a tofu making machine, which can create tofu in just 10 minutes!

According to this article, there are only 4 processes you have to follow; pour soy milk, add bittern, turn the switch on and you will have soft tofu in 6-7 minutes!  And while conventional tofu maker needed special soy milk, you can make tofu with any soy milk as long as its concentration is 13%.

Making tofu within less than 10 minutes?!!  Wow, that’s amazing!  There is many nice and tasty tofu available in the market, but this will be a bit of fun 😀

Although the machine costs almost 29,800 yen (US$380), this machine is actually produced by a company, which produces tofu making machine for industry use.  Personally, I take this as a promising sign 🙂

FYI, the machine can make tofu of 500g at once, and you can also make sesame tofu and green tea flavoured if you have right ingredients!

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I will be looking forward to hearing from those tofu lovers around the world!


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