Falconer Cafe in Mitaka (Three Falcons) City


“Takaho Chaya” is a very unique cafe located in Mitaka city, Tokyo. Takasho means “falconer” in Japanese, and “chaya” is cafe. You can browse and purchase falcons and other raptors there. Also, you can bring your pet falcons and have some coffee with them. Actually the name of the city “Mitaka” means “three falcons”. I wonder if the owner opened this cafe in Mitaka just because he liked the name (?_?)


Takasho Cafe is a 15 minute walk from Mitaka station.
It’s located near Ghibli Museum.


This is the cafe.


From the windows you can see falcons facing the street.


Lunch specials start at ¥500 (US$6).
Curry rice is ¥800 (US$9.5).


The price tags say “saker falcon / ¥330,000 (US$3,940)”,
and “red tailed hawk / ¥380,000 (US$4,537)”.
Quite expensive… 


Inside of the cafe.
There are many photos and drawings of raptors.


There are also many falcon related goods and specialty items just for falconers.


This is a falcon room.


Mr. Sasaki, the shop manager, has been a falconer for more than 40 years. And he has over 30 raptors at home. Over 30?!? At home!? That’s amazing! According to him, people visit a park in Mitaka to let their falcons fly on weekends and then stop by the cafe. More people are interested in having falcons these days, These birds live very long! Amazingly, some species can live for over  sixty years. Obviously, keeping raptors takes a certain commitment.


Mr. Sasaki and a falcon. Cool!    


Mitaka was originally the place for ‘shogun’ (general officers) to hunt with their falcons. That’s why Mitaka has a meaning of ‘falcon’ in its name. Takasho chaya (Falconer cafe) in Mitaka (three falcons) is more than just a play on words (^^;)


Source: Daily Portal Z

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