Unforgettable Japanese Object

Topic for today is about an object at a park in Tokyo, which I found on my favorite entertainment website.


Japanese park

Within walking distance of Myogadani station in Tokyo,
there is a rather unique park.


Japanese park

Formal name of this park, ‘Kaiserslautern Park’,
is named after German sister city to Bunkyo-ward.

In this park, you can see some interesting objects, created by a German sculptor.


Japanese park

Well, unicorn can be uniquely European,
but this fish with a human face is not very European…

Japanese park

The picture above captured the front view of the object.
This doesn’t looks very European because it seems it was designed in an image of Japanese carp.
A head on the back of the fish is Frederick I.  If it appear in my dream, I will probably be suffered from it a bit…



I didn’t know that there is a park with such a unique object in Tokyo!

The fish object actually reminds me of  Jinmengyo or fish with a human face, which was very popular little while ago in Japan as well as TV game, ‘SEAMAN’ lol!


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!