Aimless 28 year-olds in Japan?

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The job search website “Rikunabi Next” run by RECRUIT Co., Ltd. conducted a survey about “the vision of the future”, targeting 28 year-old business people. This internet survey was held from Oct.7 to 10, targeting 150 men and 150 women (total 300) .

The questions were as follows:

“Do you see the vision of your future concretely? What do you see yourself doing 5 years, 10 years, and 20 years from now? How do you see your work environment at that point?”

Amazingly, 85.3% of respondents answered “no” to the first question. Some extra follow-up  questions were asked to those who answered “no”


“What do you think is the reason why you don’t have the future vision?”

– 21.5%: I have some kind of vision in my mind, but it’s still very vague.

– 19.5%: I am too busy with my daily work. There is no time to think about the future.

– 12.1%: The world is rapidly changing, so it’s kind of meaningless to think about my future.

– 11.7%: I’m not sure what I really want / don’t want to do yet.

– 10.5%: I’m not sure about my strong and weak points yet.

– 10.2%: I’m not worried about myself not having any visions of the future.


“Are you currently taking any action to find your ideal future vision?”

– 75.4%: No. I’m not doing anything special.


There may be similar tendency this aimless attitude in other countries as well. But I guess more  young Japanese people tend to go to school and start working without any concrete future vision.

And when they realize the importance of having this foresight about their future, they are already too busy with their daily work to give it much attention. But it is never too late. I support them and encourage them to make efforts to find their future 😀




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