Tips for Drying Washed-Clothes Indoor

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Rainy season is almost around the corner in Tokyo area. One of the most bothering things in rainy season is not-fully-dried clothes! Thanks to the technology, there are dryers and all-in-one washing-and-drying machines in the market, but not everyone uses them.

So, here are some simple tips for drying clothes inside of a house.


[How to Dry Clothes Indoor Quicker]

– Wash little by little

More you hang wet clothes in a room, the humidity gets higher and clothes hardly get dry.

– Use thick hanger

A thick hanger makes space between fabrics for air going through, so the clothes dry easily.

– Use news papers

News papers dehumidify the air. Spread some news papers under the hanged clothes or crumple up and put them near the clothes.


[How to prevent odor]

– Hang clothes immediately after washed

When wet clothes left in the washing machine, bacteria that causes odor can easily grow.

– Hang clothes under air duct

Dry clothes quicker, and they don’t get smelly.

– Add a couple of tbs of vinegar in the water when rinse the clothes

It is a Japanese classic trick. Since vinegar has sterilizing power, it restrains growth of bacteria. Vinegar also softens fabric.

– Keep the washing machine tab clean

If the washing machine is full of bacteria, the washed clothes get bacteria and smelly. To prevent bacteria growth, keep the lid open for a while to let it dry, and clean the tab regularly.

– Use “heyaboshi” laundry detergent

Heyaboshi means hang-to-dry indoors, and there are laundry detergents that are specially made for drying clothes indoors. If you are interested, check the LION’s detergent HERE (English).

These are really simple tricks that you can start today! Small tips can make you happier during the rainy season!


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Source: TuiTui (Japanese)


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