Funny Challenge Videos: Right Hand vs. Left Hand


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The other day, I wrote an article featuring some funny challenge videos (

This time around, let me share some more interesting videos (^o^)! The challenger has his own right competing against his left hand .


[Rock, Paper & Scissors – Janken]

Which would win if your right and left hand had “janken” games!? In the video, our challenger, Mr. J, has two sets of 5 min. long janken games. He is right handed, so maybe the right will win!?

Let’s see how it goes!



In Japan, we play the rock-paper-scissors game, saying “janken pon!” before showing our hand. Mr. J also keeps saying “janken pon” many times. But about  half way through his words become slurred, sounding more like “janpen pon!” or “janpen kon!” LOL. And the winner is surprisingly his left hand! Congrats, left hand (^^)v


[Producing Centrifugal force]

Which side would produce more centrifugal force if your right and left hand each kept spinning buckets of water? Let’s watch the video first. Do you see something wrong there? Mr. J is all wet – even at the very beginning (@_@). But why? The answer is very simple; because he failed and sloshed a lot of water on himself in rehearsal LOL.

Go, Mr. J! Go! Don’t be afraid to get wet!!



The winner is the right hand this time, because Mr. J experienced some sharp pain in his left hand and couldn’t continue.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!