Chinese-Acrobat-Team Entertains Chinese Tourists in Nikko, Japan


One of the popular historical and tourist cities of Japan, Nikko is located in the mountain s of [W:Tochigi prefecture]. It is located about 140 km north of Tokyo. The Shrines and Temples of Nikko were listed as the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.



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Including the shrines and temples, many international tourists are seen at sightseeing spots in Nikko, especially from Asia.


Kinugawa onsen, a hot spring resort in the city, started having a Chinese-Acrobat-Team during Chinese lunar New Year for Chinese tourists. As a result, the number of the hotel guests in 2009 was 68,000, which was 1.8 times more than that of 2004, and 60 % of them were from Asia.



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Inspire of the recent increment of international tourists, there are still problems; for example, there are few places to exchange foreign currencies, and none of the international TV programs are available.

To gain repeat guests from Asia in the future, the local tourist association aim to be able to communicate with the tourists in Chinese.


Source: Yomiuri Online Sept/6/2010



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