How to Make a Bow with Your Hair


In the past couple of years, young women wearing bows on their hair are often seen in Japan. Especially huge bows are popular because they make girls’ faces look petit. Addition to bow hair accessories, bow hairstyle has been popular since fashion models and musicians started wearing it.

It seems a lot of Japanese girls learn to make bow hair by a weblog “Binosusume,” where the blogger shows how to do it with her YouTube video.

Following video are the bow hairstyle instruction videos. The first one is a big bow (pony tail) and the second one is
What you need are hair elastic bands, bobby pins, and hard spray.

The blogger suggested if you want to make it neat, use wax before you make a bow.



[How to make a bow with your hair]




[How to make a small bow with your hair]




The hairstyles may be good for Halloween! To be Lady Gaga or Hello Kitty LOL


Source: Binosusume (Japanese)



This is JAPAN Style!


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