Japanese Largest Mascot Character & Local Specialty Food Festival in Yokohama!

I just found an article about Japanese mascot characters event held in Yokohama on 28th and 29th of September!!  You can see many mascot characters created by local councils and government for PR purpose in one place, and you can also enjoy nice local specialty food of where each mascot characters are from!


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*A mascot character from Kuzuhanomiya, ‘Mikke’


Having local mascot characters are getting more and more common and poplars for local councils in Japan, and you can often see them in major festivals and event of the town, but it seems it is the very first event to have many mascot characters from all over Japan in a major city like this.  The number of mascots you will be able to see in the event is 145, and it includes several competition-winning mascots such as Kuma-mon of Kumamoto pref. and Choruru of yamaguchi pref.


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*Mascot from Katano city, ‘Hoshi no aman’


As this event values a linkage between local food and each local mascot character, it offers you a wide variety of regional specialty food, too.  Food to be offered in 16 food booth includes a prize-winning burger from Mito, Ibaragi pref., and top donburi food of regional specialty donburi contest!! (><)


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*Kumamon from Kumatoto pref!


Over 140 mascots!!  I can see that this event is really a large-scale one in a big city like Yokohama!  As I said, good thing about this event is that this is not only for mascots but also for regional specialty food.  So if you go to specialty food booth, you are most likely to find your favourite food here!  In addition to cute mascots and good food, the festival also going to have some performance on stage, too!  So if you are in Japan now, and wondering what to do this weekend, why don’t you consider visiting the venue this weekend??  I think it will be a great fun 🙂


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