How to escape when a disaster occurs

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With the ongoing minor tremors, it is reported that Japanese islands have already shown signs of becoming seismic active. It is also said that another huge earthquake will hit the islands one day within a few decades. It is often crucial, once a disaster has occurred, to leave the area to avoid becoming victim to it.

Today I would like to introduce the article which suggests how to escape when a disaster occurs.


Car for a family evacuating for a long distance

This is the first means of transportation you would think of when you need to escape for a long distance together with your whole family. It is advantageous to carry your belongings or emergency food too. However, it is definitely no-go to use a car especially in the urban area. At the time of the Great East Japan Earthquake, for instance, a part of the roads in Tokyo were blocked with the traffic for over 10 hours. When the traffic infrastructure such as railways breaks down for many hours, major traffic conjunction is soon caused. Major highways are usually blocked in Tokyo metropolitan district in the time of disaster to avoid the traffic

But once the safety of the area is clear and you still need to leave the area what type of vehicle is a best possible solution? Shelter is not always available for everyone. If also a pet needs to be evacuated with you, a minivan type would be definitely more practical than a saloon car. It would be reassuring to have always outdoor equipment as well as the shelter materials ready in the boot. It would be also necessary to regularly fill up the petrol


Bicycle or motorbike to avoid the traffic


"湯川伸矢(しんじょん)" some rights reserved. flickr


On the day of the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred, many granny’s bikes disappeared from bike shops in Tokyo. Cycling is 5 to 10 times faster than walking. Granny’s bikes are very convenient as they can be loaded more than sport bicycles with slim tires. Recently many types of bikes have become available such as bikes with non-flat tires which are resistant to rubbles, those which can lade plastic containers to carry water etc. or those electrical.

Also motorbikes are useful. At the time of Kobe earthquake, the only possible means of transportation was the motorbike which rode the injured on the streets where the rubbles were everywhere. It could also carry materials to places where cars were not able to reach. It can avoid the traffic too. Off road bikes are valuable at the time of earthquake as they are more resistant to nails or glasses scatted on the streets. It is advisable for those own a motorbike to always spare puncture repair kit and petrol.


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