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Ramen is one of the most well covered subjects on our website, and I assume the number of ramen fan is still increasing.  Despite worldwide passion and heat for ramen, the vast majority of quality ramen shops are concentrated in Japan, and most of information is only provided in Japanese targeting domestic fans.  Could it be fair?  The answer is, of course, no.  In order to change such a situation, big ramen fans established a global network for all fans both in Japan and overseas!


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Global ramen network or GRN is set up at a suggestion of a lady on a SNS.  As she wrote on her SNS that she would like to set up a global network for all ramen lovers in order to spread the charm of authentic ramen to the world and share ramen related information ranging from ramen restaurants worldwide to history of ramen, there were immediate positive reactions to support her ideas.


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This lady herself seems to live in the U.S, but many Japanese people who are based overseas also suggested that some ramen shops overseas do not meet Japanese authentic ramen standard, and even if one meets high quality, they sometimes cannot maintain enough customers to keeping running their business.


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By the look of the website, you can now read brief ramen history, and also check your nearby ramen shops.  So I guess word of mouth of this network website may help those quality ramen restaurants to increase their customers.  According to a SNS, the network is seemingly aiming to be a Michelin for ramen and rate ramen restaurant overseas so that they can make people aware of authentic ramen providers.

Ramen unique Michellin!   I like the idea 🙂  As for myself, I believe ramen is likely to be a cause of homesick for me if I live overseas.  And those people who are looking for quality ramen shops overseas must be not only Japanese people live overseas, but also those who have tried good ones in Japan??  I want to believe that this is not the only food we can proud of, but I’ll be happy if more and more people could have an easy access to a nice bowl of ramen and enjoy it in their own country as I do^^  Go ramen, go!!!


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If you have tried ramen before, please let me know when you first found about ramen and where you tried one for the first time.  I will be looking forward to hearing from you!




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