How to Shiatsu Massage for Stiff Shoulder

Have you ever got shiatsu massage? It is a Japanese traditional hand acupressure technique that helps to release tension and promote physical and mental relaxation.

The word shiatsu means “finger pressure” in Japanese, and it involves a rhythmic sequence of pressure to acupuncture points, which are called “tsubo” in Japanese. By stimulating the points, the organs and parts of body connected to the points get improved.

If you have got shiatsu massage or used a shiatsu massage chair, you know how it feels. It gives mild pain especially on the points you have trouble, but it gradually go away and turns into good feeling.

Do you have stiff shoulders? The video below shows how to give shiatsu massage for a person who has stiff shoulders.


Pressing following tsubo subdues shoulder pains.


(Name of tsubo: the symptoms that get subdued by pressing the tsubo)
Kensei: Stiff shoulders, headache, toothache, and eye troubles.
Tenchu: Headache, stiff shoulders, eye troubles, nose pain, hand pain, backside of legs, mental fatigue, and stress.
Gyokuchin: Headache, eye and nose troubles.
Koukou: Stiff shoulders, mental fatigue, and stress.

Note: Don’t get shiatsu massage without checking with your physician if you have any health concerns.


Source: Kawade Chiryoin (Japanese)


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