Japanese Teriyaki Burgers!!!

モスバーガー 菊水店
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Every Japanese burger shop has teriyaki burger in its menu, and it is one of the most popular burgers.

Teriyaki burgers have chicken or beef patty with teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and lettuce in buns.

Japanese mayonnaise is little sourer than other countries’ ones, so it tastes great with sweet teriyaki sauce.

MOS BURGER, the first fast-food restaurant sold teriyaki burgers in the world, has rice buns, which are delicious and perfect for teriyaki burgers!

Do you want to eat teriyaki burgers now?

Well, why don’t you make it by yourself?

What you need is buns, beef patty, thick teriyaki sauce, mayonnaise and lettuce.

Bon appetit!!

This is JAPAN Style!