Money, Freedom or Time? The Most Important Element when Changing Job

When you choose a job for life, you have to prioritise something over other; money, time or whether work itself  being challenging /satisfying or not…

Me?  Well, I would like to add family to the list, but if I couldn’t, I would probably go for the work contents rather than time or money because I prefer to do work, which I love!  But what other people think about this?

Today, I would like to introduce an article, which shows current trend in Japanese thoughts on general working environment related matter.


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A recruitment agent conducted a survey in 2010, targeting 100 people, who have changed their work in the past.   As a result, 21.4% preferred to have more challenging job, and over 40% answered that their income was lower than their expectancy.

Well, I can understand that people generally prefer to earn more, but I’m pretty surprised that such amounts of people do actually consider changing job for the better income.

An economic analysis added that money is indeed important but if you have to choose one, the time is probably the most important element. This is because money and freedom doesn’t help when you don’t have time at all.

This is very true.  We tend to forget the fact that time is limited, and spend all precious time by working overtime on an everyday basis.  But the situation has been changed dramatically, and many companies simply cannot afford payment increase and overtime payment even you do work overtime…  It may be a time for Japanese people to think what is the most important thing for them to work.


What do you think about this?

I’m looking forward to hearing your opinion or typical view in you country 🙂

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