Choc, Cream and Coffee jelly?? New Gyoza Dessert

Gyoza is widely consumed in Japan, typically with ramen noodle at ramen restaurant.  But it seems a restaurant, which is famous for their creative gyoza, is offering ‘deza-gyo’ (abbreviation of dessert gyoza).


Japanese gyoza


Those who have tried gyoza in Japan may think that dessert gyoza sounds a bit too unique…  Well, I don’t blame you as I’m thinking the same lol.  But it seems these dessert gyoza has pretty good reputations.

Anyway, according to the article, the restaurant has very wide variety of gyoza such as strawberry daifuku and crème caramel gyoza.  But, of course, they are not selling just deza-gyo, but also non-dessert gyoza including gratin, pizza and tandoori chicken flavoured ones!

Apple pie flavoured and tandoori chicken gyoza??  All sounds delicious, don’t they??  But how many varieties of gyoza are there? 

Well, according to the owner of the restaurant,  there are definitely more than 60 variations in the restaurant.  And their most popular menu are parfait gyoza with coffee (800 yen=US$10) and apple pie gyoza (6 pieces for 550yen=US$7).

FYI, all their creative gyoza is created, based on customers’ request, and served in the restaurant if their test menu is successfully judged as good.  Such successful ideas include carbonara gyoza and protein gyoza.  … It seems quite difficult to be adopted (well, at least, it sounds like it should be pretty radical!), but new ideas are always welcome at the restaurant.

I should apply with some great idea if it ever come up in my mind 🙂


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Source:  web R25


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