Shogun Sleeping Bag


Today, I would like to introduce a very unique sleeping bag. I laughed out loud when I saw it at the first time (^o^)! In Japan, we have a popular samurai TV drama series called “Abarenbo Shogun (=rambunctious general)”.

Well, now anyone can become the shogun with this sleeping bag. In case you don’t quite understand what I mean, just have a look at this!



OMG!  😯 So cool. This sleeping bag perfectly showcases the Shogun style XD! It has a topknot on the hood and two swords in the kimono. But it’s also filled with down feathers for comfort. It doesn’t really even look like a sleeping bag.

And the greatest feature of this unique item is that, unlike regular sleeping bags, it is possible to walk around while still snug in this bag! You will surely be the hero when you wear it camping or at unusual slumber parties 😛



Actually, product is not for sale, but rather a campaign gift from SUNTORY. You can enter to win this sleeping bag by collecting stickers from SUNTORY beer. In addition to this cool sleeping bag, SUNTORY provides a variety of down coats, jackets, and vests as campaign gifts (21 kinds in all). If you are a beer-lover living in Japan, why don’t you try for this prize? 😉


Source: SUNTORY Website


This is JAPAN Style!