Water Powered Rechargeable Battery NOPOPO


One of the things that you want to keep in your emergency bag is battery, which is indispensable to use important equipments in time of disaster. Dry cells, however, drop in quality as time passes. Sometimes, when you leave them without using for a long time, the liquid inside leaks.

While most regular batteries’ shelf life is 3 to 10 years, this new water powered rechargeable battery called NOPOPO’s shelf life is 20 years (without being used).

Developed by Aqua Power System Japan, it generates electricity with a little water.



To use the battery, remove the film and put some liquid in the cell using the attached syringe. What is more amazing, it works with any liquid as long as it is water based such as fruit juice, sake, or body fluid (saliva, urine, and blood).

A flash light runs about 6 hours with this battery. Because the current of the battery is lower than regular batteries, some equipments that need larger electricity might not work with the battery.

This will be good for schools and companies to keep in their emergency bags. Since the batteries are good for 20 years, they don’t have to worry about replacing a lot of new batteries every 3 years.

But who knows, there’ll be new portable power source invented in 20 years?


Link: Aqua Power System Japan

Source: WebR25


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