Unique Japanese Invention!! Neo-futuristic Automatic Door

unique automatic door


Interested in neo-futuristic stuff?

Well, then you should check this out!!

Here is an automatic door which opens minimally according to your body shape.



It seems the infrared ray sensors of each bars detect the shape of a person approaches, and open just minimally according to the person’s body shape.

The more I look at the link, the more I found it interesting 🙂  It just like the one you find in sci-fi movie, isn’t it?  According to my little research about this product, this cool invention actually exists since 2004.

The president of a company started develop this door thinking of cool door which makes people walking through look like popping out from a wall as if they live in neo-futuristic movie.  But such a cool looking product has been catching attention of a wide variety of companies in medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, food and precision machining industries which need pay extra attention to dust inclusion.

I like it not just looking cool, but so practical to meet a demand of world like that^^  I bet kids would absolutely love this if they find this in museum.


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If you find an unique invention like this, please share with me.  I will be looking forward to hearing from you  😉


This is JAPAN Style!