Popular Hashtag among Japanese Twitter Users

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Since Twitter added support for Japanese hashtags, “#aruaru” on which users tweet common things that happen to a certain group of people has been popular.

“Aruaru” is a Japanese spoken word that translates as “it happens, it happens.”

For example, if it’s “#Japanese aruaru,” it goes like “as is often the case for Japanese people, they bow when they see their boss on a street.”

Followings are “#aruaru” that were collected by Together (roundup of tweets).


-Local aruaru

“#Hokkaido aruaru” Japan’s northernmost island, Hokkaido.

“No umbrella for snow.”

“When mother and a child go shopping, mother pulls a sled with the child on.”


“#Kyoto aruaru

“Don’t feel weird about shrines or temples between clothing stores.”

“Important cultural properties are everywhere. When you walk in the town, you find a world heritage every 20 min.”


“#Okinawa aruaru” Japan’s southernmost islands, Okinawa.

“24hr-Charity-TV-Marathon is broadcasted only 5 hr.”

“New bridge made us more inconvenient to get the other islands.”

“Too many stars are in the sky to tell constellations.


-Job aruaru


“The works done in 5 min are often adopted than the works taken a long time to complete.


“#Manga-artists aruaru

“Drew 6 fingers”

“Have some energy drink but go to bed after all”

“Co-workers are walking around in the studio like zombies after several all-night works.”


“#Buddhist Monks aruaru

“When watching funeral a scene in TV drama, we check the decoration and costume.”

“Became an expert in wagashi (Japanese sweets) without my knowledge.”


“#Lawyers aruaru

“My wife is better at questioning than me.”


-School aruaru

“#Veterinarian Students aruaru

“When I go to have meat with people outside of the campus, they ask me to explain each part.”


“#Law School Students aruaru

“As soon as I see a 3 digit number I think of a lay out of habit.”


Source: Hatena Bookmark News (Japanese)


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