Let’s Find Your Favorite Statue of Buddha

“Gohyaku-rakan” means the five hundred stone buddhas, there are some temples where they have “Gohyaku-rakan” at in Japan.



Looking at the each buddha closely, they sit in a huge variety of styles and expressions, it’s really interesting.

The writer of this article went to a temple, and picked up some interesting buddhas, so I would like to introduce some of those.



The temple the writer went is “Kitain” in Kawagoe city, Saitama prefecture.

There are 533 buddhas in this temple which had been spent for about 50 years to build, hundreds of years ago.


 Spectacular!  Densely populated.


There may be the one resembles you… Let’s find your favorite buddha.




Smiling, confusing, doubt, anger, sleeping. They are in a various feelings.


Is he laughing? What’s so funny?


There are also buddhas talking each other.


 Fart? It’s not me, it’s him.  You gotta see this.


A story or drama between them come up, and it’s full of humanity!

He is alone, but he suffers from something.


A dragon on him?? It looks so heavy…


 For God’s(buddha’s?), please just go away….


 Please take off the mantis on my head.  Oh, I hate shield bug!!


On the other hand, these men look feeling bad.


 I’m fed up…. I don’t wanna go to school today..


 Me, too.  I have a stomachache.


 I’ve got food poisoning by eating mushrooms.


Now we have seen many buddhas with various feelings.

The writer of this article went to see these buddhas to find some interesting ones, but every of those were not only interesting, but also were full of emotion and humanity.

Though they were built hundreds of years ago, even now they prove that the people’s feelings and expressions have not been changed over the course of human history. I felt strong sympathy for them, and would like to thank the writer of this article because he introduced us such a wonderful pictures.


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!