Amuse Museum in Asakusa


Asakusa is a major tourist spot in Tokyo, and about 34 million tourists visit a year.

Last winter, Amuse Museum opened right next to the nitenmon (east gate) of Senso-ji temple. While the museum focuses on Japanese traditional culture, it entertains the visitors with Japanese tea ceremony, live music and dance performances.


Amuse Museum Introduction Video



The second, third, sixth floors are the exhibit floors where you can see kimono that people in old times actually wore. There are also a mini theater and demonstration space. At the stages on the first and sixth floors, they regularly hold live music performances. There are bars on the fifth and sixth floors. The first floor has a gift shop and a cafe.


The video below gives you a quick tour of the museum. It is Japanese and has no English subtitle, so I just write the outline below.



1F: Gift Shop, Museum Cafe, and Nitenmon Theater
2F: Japanese Textile Art Exhibition
3F: Japanese Folk Articles (at 4:44 on the video, you can see salmon skin boots!)
5F: Gallery Bar cinq (exhibits American Photographer Jim Marshalls work)
6F: Ukiyoe theater, textile demonstration room, and Bar six


Hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 6pm (Last admission 5:30pm) for the exhibition galleries, and 6pm – 2am for the bars. Admission fee is 1,000 yen for an adult.


For more information, visit the Amuse Museum website.



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