Make Your Photos like Japanese Manga Comics!!

Do you like Japanese manga comics? Japanese manga sometimes uses special effects like this.


japanese manga


Action lines, big and bold letters. So dynamic!!


I found two funny iPhone apps.

1)  Shuchu-sen

2)  Bizarre Comic Photo


When you use both of these, you can process your photos with exciting effects like Japanese manga.

Let’s try with this photo.


broken code


→My extension cord got burnt with a flame a few days ago. ( ̄Д ̄;)



1) Select a photo.
2) Shuchu-sen app places “action lines” into your photo.
3) Tap, slide and pinch to adjust and customize the lines.
4) Save the photo.


iphone app

That’s it☆


iphone app


Let’s go to the next app.

【Bizarre Comic Photo】

This app places Japanese onomatopoeia into your photos.


iphone app


1) Select a photo. (I chose the photo I used with Shuchu-sen)
2) Select letters or short words from the menu.
3) Drag & drop the writing into the photo
4) Adjust the angle, size and transparency of the letters.

Ta-Daa !!ヽ(^ ∇^* )ツ


iphone app


Photos which are ordinarily nothing special can become very unusual and stylish!

Try them 😉



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