Japanese Pop Summer Songs


Today, I want to introduce some Japanese pop summer songs! I picked four songs from different types of singers and bands.

The first song is a five-girl pop band, Whiteberry’s “Natsu Matsuri.”


“Natsu Matsuri (Summer Festival)” – Whiteberry


This sweet and bitter lost love song was released in 2000, when they were high school students.



The second song is a pop/fork music duo, Yuzu’s “Natsuiro.”


“Natsuiro(Summer Color)” – Yuzu


This song is a pronominal summer song among young people in Japan. It is the duo’s very first single released in 1998.


The third song is a ballad song titled “Shonen Jidai” made and sung by a Japanese prominent singer song writer, Yosui Inoue.


“Shonen Jidai (Boyhood)”


It was released in 1990, and has been considered as a classic summer song. The sentimental, poetic lyric made the song popular. It is even on school music books.


The last song is a pop/rock band, Southern All Stars’ “Taiyo-ha Tsuminayatsu;” a catchy beach song.




This piece was released in 1996. Southern All Stars, also known as “Sazan (“Southern” in Japanese pronouciation),” has been one of the best selling bands in the past 30 years of Japan. They have other summer songs; for example “Tsunami,” “Katteni Sinbad,” “Manatsu no Kajitsu,” and so on.


They are sung in Japanese, but I wish you enjoy them (^_^)



This is JAPAN Style!


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