Star-shaped Police Station

I read a blog post about an interesting Koban, a police station. So let me introduce it to you.

Note: KOBAN is a Japanese word for police station or police box. They are located in each suburb.


Kihoku-cho, in Kagoshima is known for the best city to see the stars. And the design of the police station in Kihoku-cho is star-shaped.


Japanse koban

This is the police station. It is indeed star-shaped! 😯


Japanese koban

Kihoku-cho is doing all kinds of things to make stars more visible,
such as reducing the illumination at the local government office,
residential houses, parks and so forth.


This is an awesome shape for a police station. Even as Japanese, it is the first time that I see such a police station with such interesting shape in Japan.

It looks like a king’s crown rather than a police station to me. I get the urge to put it on my head. ^_^


Source: Daily Portal Z


This is JAPAN Style!