10 Things the Chinese Think Strange in Japan

There was an interesting topic in 2channel, the Japanese biggest internet forum.

It was about “10 Things the Chinese Think Strange in Japan” brought up by a Chinese blogger who seems to live in Japan.



#1: There are huge and wise crows.

#2: People can casually talk about politics and the prime minister.

#3: Kindness to animals is permeated.

#4: High suicide and overwork death rates.

#5: Chinese is often heard in Tokyo.

#6: When it is zero degree centigrade, effective temperature is lower and feel so cold.

#7: There are bears in mountains.

#8: Police officers and civil officers are ordinary people. They are literary “public servants.”

#9: Fruits and vegetables are more expensive than meat.

#10: There are people who spend over a million yen to increase car noise.


To these ten things, Japanese 2channelers commented;


“I think there are more strange things but Chinese people are so adaptable that they don’t find them strange.”

“About #4. We often hear the news but just because the media don’t have anything else to cover.”

“About #7. We also have monkeys and deer which damage crops.”


This is the Chinese’s view but people in other countries may think differently.



Source: http://netouyonews.net/archives/3442996.html




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