JAPAN Style 1st Anniversary Campaign! Free Gift Giveaway!



It is already August -the latter half of 2010. Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it?

August is my birth month and also a commemorative month of JAPAN STYLE! It has been one year since I started this blog.

There were many reasons why I decided to start this blog. The main reason is as follows.

Through my job which is to sell Japanese products to overseas buyers, I got to know people in all over the world including America, Europe, French Polynesia, Dubai, Latvia, and Ethiopia. I had opportunities to get acquainted with people who live in the countries that I don’t know much about.

They tell me that they like Japanese products, and keep contact with me after purchases. Generally, there are not so many chances to get to know and make friends with people world widely while living in Japan.

For cultural exchange with more people, and having had the idea that introducing Japanese culture and life make people in other countries interested in and understand Japan more, I began sending information through this blog.

To start this blog, I made two rules to myself.

1. To not post the news that have already posted in other sites.

2. To update everyday.

Because big subjects or easy-get news are posted by other sites or blogs, I decided to send the information that is hardly found in English (there are some exceptions though). And I updated everyday without fail; I could keep the rule number 2.

Exaggeratedly speaking, what I want to convey through Japan Style is “the Japanese’s hearts.” I write everyday thinking that not only anime or sushi but also do I want you to know what Japan is and the Japanese’s hearts.

Meanwhile it is hard to make high quality articles; therefore, this blog is far from what I want it to be. Eventually, I want to make it like “a park like blog” where people get together and recreate.


Now, I have to let you know that I am going to close the comment. It contradicts to “a park like blog,” but from tomorrow it will be closed for a while. There is no negative reason; however, I decided to do so for the purpose of continuing this blog.

Although the comment will be closed, this blog continues, so please visit here everyday!

Ok enough preliminaries. Here is your favorite part! I am going to give away special gifts with my thanks and appreciation to your support and my associates’ corporations.

From today to Sunday, I will present a gift everyday. I have done giveaway a couple of times before but this time it is answering-a-quiz style.

Along with each gift, I set a quiz. From the applicants who got the correct answer, I select one winner by lottery, and send the gift to the winner. Since the quizzes are made based on the past posts in Japan Style, devoted readers can answer them easily. But don’t worry, if you search in the blog, you can get answers right away (^_^)

There are six gifts in all, which make six winners. Basically all the gifts are made in Japan -maybe including an expensive gift!?

You can apply for all gifts everyday. I also welcome those who have won a gift previously. So please don’t miss the chance! (BUT please note that I won’t send the gifts to the people who live in Japan. I am sorry.)

[Today’s gift]

The gift #1 is “Otamatone (black)” !!



It is a battery-operated unique musical instrument. Please see the detail in the past post.

Here is the quiz.

“What is the name of the new radio tower which will be completed in December 2011 and replace the Tokyo Tower?”

The hint is in this post.

To apply for the gift, write the followings and send through the URL below.

1. Your name
2. Sex
3. Nationality
4. Email address
5. Shipping address
6. The name of the gift and the answer of the quiz
7. Comments on Japan Style (if any)


Application URL: http://www.japanstyle.info/?page_id=20


I look forward to your application! Good luck!

The winners will be announced on August 12!

See you tomorrow! 😉


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