Wasabi Stories vol.156: “Knowing the Best Life Style For Yourself”


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“Knowing the Best Life Style For Yourself”

Today’s story-teller is Japanese actress [W:Mie Hama].

She lives in [W:Hakone], one of the most famous tourist sites in Japan. The story is about her hour-walk around in Hakone she takes every morning.

She used to walk on a treadmill in a gym for exercise before, but she could not get used to it at all.

She realized why she could not get used to doing exercise at the gym when she has started walking around in Hakone.



She says, “Doing an exercise in an artificial environment such as walking on the treadmill in the gym was not only boring but it was against my way of living.”


If you walk in the mountains, you will see beautiful trees and you notice flowers blooming. You feel the change of the season when you notice fallen leaves. And you can smell the earth, grass, and wind.

She says that walking in the mountains fills the senses and she prefers it.

The mountains are precious for her. Thus, the fact that the mountains have been ill-preserved lately makes her concerned.


The NIKKEI 12/11/2009 Mie Hama (actress)



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