National Summer Sweets of Japan; Shaved Ice

Hot, hot and hot…  That’s all I can say being in Japan at the moment (><;).  I know it’s the heat I experience every year, but it’s the season you are just always after some cooling.  Yes, why not write about something nice and cool…  like shaved ice  😛


japanese shaved ice

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Shaved ice is traditional cold sweets in Japan, and I remember I used to love making one at home with my mum when I was a child.  It seems shaved ice first appeared in a book written in Heian period where ice was shaved with short knife and only consumed by noble people with simple sweet sauce.


japanese shaved ice

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Nowadays, you can buy shaved ice from festival stalls and café, in summer, and of course, you can buy your own ice shaving machine from major supermarket to make homemade shaved ice!  But today, I’m not going to explain how epic my shaved ice is, but I found an article about legendary shaved ice shop in Kyoto, where people even go during winter when it snows!

The dreaming light shaved ice of Kyoto is of a café/ bar called PAGE ONE (official website; ) in Gion which is widely known as geisha district.  With a strong feeling that they would like people to know/ enjoy the high quality ice of one of the oldest ice shop in Kyoto, this café proudly serves beautiful shaved ice in eye and taste.  They serve syrup ones, but people’s favourite are ones with fruits.  Making the most of their knowledge and experience built up over a century, their shaved ice is so soft and fluffy and served in ice-made bowl!!

My favourite was Taiwanese one with mango for a while, but this one really changed my view on shaved ice 😉   I can see why people come here to eat shaved ice in winter time, too, because it’s so tasty, and it doesn’t give you headache even if you eat fast^^  Anyway, if you are coming to Japan, and find it’s too hot, why don’t you try their shaved ice in the traditional district of Kyoto??


Find them here:)

435-4 Kamibentencho, Higashiyama-ward, Kyoto-city 605-0822


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