Sanriku Shigoto Project: Lucky Bracelet of the Beach

“The fact that having a work brings people a smile and restore their confident again.”

With such a concept, a Japanese shop is widely selling several products made by people who lost family, friends, town, work and almost all important things in their life by the Great East Japan Earthquake.  In order to support such an activity myself, I would like to introduce an unique bracelet as ione of those items sold by a shop.

This item I am going to introduce is a set of lucky bracelets made by mums from Sanriku region using new fishing net.  The fishing net used for making those lucky bracelets includes fishing net for sardine fishing, and those neta were kept in a warehouse in the area..



The thick bracelet comes with a thin one as a set, and the price of the item is 1,100yen per a set (US$7.25).  576 yen out of 1,100 yen goes to mums in Sanriku who made the product.  This not only create business in the area, but also provide about 150 yen to those people and companies who/which support those affected people in the area, per a set.

Utilising the material in the area and providing a work to those people who are trying to get their life back…  And people can easily contribute to the reconstruction activity by just buying such a product.  It seems just work so beautifully, doesn’t it?

As of the end of April this year, the shop sold 7,808 sets, which explains that the product is meeting demand of customer with a help of designers!  I think it matches the best with summer fashion, so there will be more demand in coming summer, too 🙂

FYI, colours available are white, blue, green, pink and yellow.  Which one do you like the best??  I would probably like blue or green.


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Source: Rakuten Ichiba


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