Cute Children’s Sandal with Animal Footprints

japanese cute kids sandal


Japan is right in the middle of summer now, and needless to say, sandals are must items to live comfortably under this heat during non-working hours.  Today, I found an article about very cute children’s sandals which leaves animals footprints as you walk.

This product is geta footwear with rubber straps instead of traditional fabric ones, and is produced by Japanese wooden toy maker.  It looks pretty plain from the top, but once you walk in it, you will see a fun bit of the sandals; it has got footprints of animal!


Here is a movie of the item.  You will see how cute it is 🙂



Pretty, isn’t it??

According to the article, there are 5 types of footprints available for this footwear; cat, gecko lizards, owl, monkey and T-rex (4 animals which exist in Japan plus kids’ favourite dinosaur^^)

It could sound very simple idea to have footprints at the back of your flip flops, but this will definitely be a favourite item of children!

It seems this product is available internationally, too, so you may be able to find in your country, too??


What do you think about today’s article?

Please let me know if you have seen this product in your country! 😉


Source: web R25


This is JAPAN Style!