Truly Amazing!!! Robotic Matrix Dance by Japanese Guy

I assume some of you may have already seen this movie (or even on TV!!  Envy you >< ), but it seems a Japanese guy appeared on US TV programme, called ‘America’s Got Talent’ last month and impressed all judges. Today, I would like to share his great performance video with you!

Mr. Kenichi Ebina is a Japanese dancer/ choreographer, who is originally from Japan, and he has been based in New York since 2001 after graduation from an university.  He explained that this performance is ‘dance-ish’ performance, which appears to be a mixture of robot dance and martial arts etc.


…Well, I understand words wouldn’t be enough to explain his performance, so please have a look at his movie!



Absolutely brilliant, isn’t it??

I’m not usually particularly into dance stuff myself, but I think he’s just so brilliant, and even make me want to imitate his movement!

(not that I can actually imitate him though… :-P)


It seems he started his dance career from hiphop, but then he also studied pantomime and ethnic dances as well as illusion effect sound and magic to adopt a wide variety of element into his performance.

I am well impressed with this performance, and I am looking forward to seeing more of his performance!!!


What do you think about today’s article?? Please let me know what you think  😉

Also, if you know any other impressive dance movie, I will be looking forward to receiving the link, too!


This is JAPAN Style!