Wasabi Stories vol.160: “The Day You Are Relieved From the Burden Will Come”


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“The Day You Are Relieved From the Burden Will Come”

Today’s story-teller is Pack’n, born in the US, who is active as a comedian in Japan.

The story is about his children and his relationship with his father.

Currently, he and his Japanese wife have a 2-year-old son and a new born baby girl.

Pack’n grew up in the United States. He used to get up at 3:30am to deliver newspapers every morning to support his mother financially after his parents got divorced when he was 8 years old.



In the United States, fathers usually get involved in helping kids play sports activities, so he used to feel lonely without his father when he played sports with other kids.

Having such experience of his own, he is trying to spend time with his children as much as possible.

He says, “Even if I do not have a job or money, I would be happy as long as I am with my family. I grew up mentally by having children.”

After his parents got divorced, he had seen his father several times, but he had never had a serious conversation with him.


However, he says, “He asked me if he could talk to me just two of us when he came to Japan to see my daughter when she was born. I wondered why he wanted to talk to me. In a lobby at a hotel, he talked for 90 minutes in tears, he explained reasons why he got divorced with my mother, their financial situations back at the time, what he was thinking as a parent. It was the first time I heard the details. I had not cared about them, but I think my father suffered from having the burden. At the age of 39, I finally opened up with my father.”


The NIKKEI 12/15/2009 by Pack’n (comedian)



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