Ice Biz -Turn off Air and Eat Ice Cream!

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Japan Ice Cream Association started “Ice Biz” campaign which encourages office workers to eat ice cream for prevention of heat stroke and improving office efficiency.

Although it is hit by heat wave, air conditioners in the Metropolitan area are set high due to electricity-saving measure.

The demand for ice cream is increasing this summer. The sales in May and June this year were up 20 percent from a year earlier.

Cones and monaka (wafer) ice creams especially sell well because workers can eat them with one hand.


ice cream

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ice cream

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Eating ice cream in an office used to be considered as ill-mannered act, but it seems business owners have been flexible recently.

The companies that are practicing “Ice Biz” found that eating ice cream made the workers refreshed and improved work efficiency, and hit on good ideas at meetings.


Source: Web R25 (Japanese)


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