New J-Film “Tetsuo: THE BULLET MAN”


New coming Japanese movie, “Tetsuo: THE BULLET MAN” directed by Shinya Tsukamoto is filmed in English and will be released in more than ten countries.

The film is psychic action thriller and it’s the third film in the director’s “Testuo” series.

The story is about a man whose beloved son was killed by someone transforms into a hero, Tetsuo.




The actor who played Tetsuo, Eric Bossick said,

“This movie is not just ‘directed by Tsukamoto’ but ‘film by Tsukamoto’. I mean he makes the masks, fixes lights, shoots, edits and directs! I think that’s very important.”


Tsukamoto said “I made this in Japan but I was aiming to make an American film.”


The film has already premiered at some film festivals in the world, where it got good reactions from audiences.

The countries where the movie will be released are, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Russia and America.



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