Unique Beatbox Performer HIKAKIN

There is an awesome Japanese beatbox performer who can make two sounds (melody and drum) at the same time. His name is HIKAKIN.

His skillful and unique performance got a lot of “wow”s on YouTube. His profile says that he won the first prize in a voice percussion competition held by a television show “Hamonep” and he has appeared on some popular television shows in Japan.



Let’s watch his performance!

“Super Mario Brothers”


“Crazy Ninja Beatbox”


“POKEMON Theme Song”


He is so hilarious! And his beat sounds cool. Surprisingly, he has never learned the technique from someone but he leaned it by himself. In a web interview (link below), he told that he saw a beatbox performer on a television show when he was 12 and very impressed, so he started beatbox himself. Now he can make about 30 sounds.

In his YouTube channel, you can watch him performing Street Fighter (action game sound), Lady Gaga, Eminem, Kanye, and so on.



Source: Joetsu Town Journal (Japanese)


This is JAPAN Style!